What is the Strong Bull Athletic Strength & Development Template?

What is the Strong Bull Athletic Strength & Development Template?

If you are an experienced athletes looking to change up or enhance your training, Athletic Strength & Development may just be the ticket.

Developed by Strength Coaches Rob Delacruz and Dom Dixon, it is a departure from traditional barbell templates and mixed modality/CrossFit training.

This template is designed to help athletes develop speed, power, coordination, timing & strength. It does so by incorporating the physicality of sport such as jumping, throwing, rotation, anti-rotation, running, plyometics, and balance.

There will no doubt be movements that most people are neglecting or have never done, but performing these can create a more well-rounded and resilient athlete.

Specific rates of perceived effort are programmed, as are rest periods.

If you are a CrossFit-style athlete or predominately a weightlifter, it is beneficial to step away from these training styles for a training phase in order to develop athleticism. But don’t worry, you will still perform some Olympic lifting!

At the end of this training phase, the goal is to be more athletic.

Want a sneak peek? See a sample day below. And if you’re ready to jump in, visit THIS link.

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