What is the difference between Flow and Flow Pro? 

Both contain the same great formula. The Flow Pro bottle is twice the dose of Flow. We had a lot of athletes, who perform 2-a-days and compete, running through the smaller bottle in a matter of weeks so we created a larger one!


How long does Flow take to work? 

Some people feel the effects of Flow on the first use, while for some it takes a few days to build up in their system. We suggest giving it a try for two weeks to thoroughly evaluate the effects. 


What does Flow feel like? 

Because Flow contains no stimulants, you won’t feel hyped or jittery like you do from other pre-workouts. Pay attention to how your breathing is affected and your ability to push at higher heart rates. 


When and how do I take Flow? 

Straight into your mouth or in water. 30-60 minutes before your workout or any time on rest days. 


How much Flow do I take? 

The recommended dose is 2ml for Flow and 4ml for Flow Pro. For best results take every day.


Can I take Flow more than once per day? 

Yes! Many of our athletes have taken up to three doses per day during competition. 


The nutrition label states for all ingredients, “daily value not established,” and does not give an amount included. Is this information available?

We use a 1/3 extraction ratio and 333mg of raw in that process. The extraction process doesn’t guarantee 100% of the herbal benefits are absorbed. 


Can I take Flow with coffee/caffeine? 

Yes! Flow does not contain any stimulants, so you are fine to take it along with caffeine. In fact, we have some athletes that take Flow with a shot of espresso and have named it “Flowspresso!” 

Are any of the ingredients in FLOW banned in competition? 
The seven ingredients found in FLOW are not listed as banned substances on the leading agency websites:

World Doping Agency (https://www.wada-ama.org/

US Anti-Doping Agency https://www.usada.org/ 


Where is FLOW manufactured? 
Our natural ingredient blend is made in the USA!



What does “natural flavors” mean? 

Natural flavors are derived from the fruit. 


What do I do if I find Creatine + Hydrate too sweet? 

Easy fix! For a burst of flavor, use 16 ounces of water, but for a lighter flavor, you can mix with up to 64 ounces. 


Is Creatine + Hydrate salty?  

It’s meant to be! Our electrolyte blend contains sodium/salt, but if you’d like less salty flavor, add the product to more water than you’ve been using. 


How many calories in Creatine + Hydrate? 

Creatine Monohydrate and our natural flavoring is calorie-free and the coconut water powder adds a total of 5 calories.