Chaotic Capacity Template

Chaotic Capacity Template

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Who is this template for?

The Chaotic Capacity template is for mixed modality/CrossFit athletes looking to improve overall capacity. The outcomes of completing the template are:

To be able to better understand and execute pacing. To learn composure in a workout.
To learn to recover through movement.

What is Chaotic Capacity?

Chaotic Capacity is a term we created for our unique training method. It is aerobic and threshold training that mimics the disarray of a functional fitness workout (aka the metcon).

What can you expect?

The Chaotic Capacity workouts are on the lower-volume side. They are designed to not interfere with athletes’ standard training. Special attention is paid so that there is not a heavy impact on joints, tendons and ligaments. There will be carry over to other most other mixed modality workouts. You will better understand, both physically and mentally, how to cope with the stress of a mixed modality workout.

Key points

Two workouts per week are programmed. We suggest you do at least one workout, two would be optimal.