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is an all-natural, herbal, sublingual pre-workout supplement. With ingredients backed by research, the benefits of Flow include better breathing, increased blood flow, enhanced focus, stress reduction and improved recovery. Some have called it "capacity in a bottle." 

Although it’s called a “pre-workout,” it is something you can add to your daily regime, as each ingredient has specific functions to help your body even when you’re not training. 

No caffeine. No chemicals, just five natural, legal ingredients that promote better breathing, vasodilation and improved stamina.


-Beetroot has been shown to increase levels of nitric oxide in the body, which increases vasodilation, blood flow, lung function and strengthens muscle contraction. The more efficient the body is with moving blood throughout the body, the faster it can remove waste.

-Ashwagandha research shows it improves stamina/endurance, delays fatigue/exhaustion, reduces stress, and allows for faster recovery.

-Arjuna is known as a heart health tree bark. Studies show increases in VO2 (paired with Ashwagandha), a reduction in RPE, increased time to exhaustion and a strong anti-hypertensive property.

 -Rhodiola, like Ashwagandha, has been studied for its reducing properties. Keeping the body’s stress levels as low as possible while working out is a huge factor when increasing performance.

-Cayenne is known for its great metabolism and circulation benefits, but also for helping with reducing oxidative stress.

Do not exceed the suggested use. If you are pregnant or breast feeding, under 18 years of age, allergic to any ingredient in the formula or have an existing medical condition consult a licensed medical practitioner before using.