3 Week Repeatability Weightlifting Phase

3 Week Repeatability Weightlifting Phase

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Who is This Template For?

This three-week program is for athletes who already have some experience in Olympic lifting and understand proper positions for each lift. We’ve tested this template with hundreds of athletes from the general population to the elite.

What is Repeatability?

In this instance, repeatability is not barbell cycling. Cycling, commonly known as “touch-and-go” has a place in some sports; however, in this program, you will learn to perform fast and precise singles. There is an emphasis on a quick and proper set-up, correct bar path and solid receiving positions.

The purpose of writing this program is to lay out foundations that teach athletes more efficiency as well as build strength in proper positions in the lifts, while under fatigue and time restraints.

What Can You Expect?

Two workouts are programmed each week, one for the power clean and push jerk and the other for the power snatch.

Note: The format of this template can also be easily adapted for other versions of the Olympic lifts (full clean, split jerk and full snatch) and can be worked into your regular training program. If you find success with this three-week template, you are encouraged to repeat the same protocol, but with the full (squat) versions of the snatch and clean and jerk.