Mindset Technique for Performance: Anchoring

Mindset Technique for Performance: Anchoring

Anchoring is a technique that many people have had great success with when competing. If you have any mental blocks, it can being you to a state of confidence.  

Basically, you set up a personal stimulus-response pattern so that you can feel the way you want to when you need to. 

Step 1: Determine what you want the outcome to be - calm, excited, confident, etc. (If you get super nervous before performing, it may be calm; if you’re more complacent, you may want to feel more excitement or motivation and so on.)

Step 2: Think (REALLY THINK) of a time when you performed well. Reflect on EVERYTHING about that moment - the sights, the sounds, the smells. Be as vivid as possible. Immerse yourself in the memory. 

Step 3: Create a tactile cue (like grabbing your wrist or tugging on an ear) to associate with the memory. 

Step 4: Visualize your perfect performance memory while doing the tactile cue - again, really put yourself IN that moment. Don’t just think about it, try to relive it. The goal is that once you execute the cue, your mind takes you to that positive experience, giving you the desired outcome (confidence, excitement, etc.). 

Step 5: Practice this in your daily training. Test the anchor over and over.  

I hope this works for you! Over time, anchoring can allow you to get into an extreme state of confidence. 

You got this!

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