Flow Shown to Increase VO2 Max and Work Capacity

Flow Shown to Increase VO2 Max and Work Capacity

Here at Cerus Performance, we put Flow to the test by partnering with Dexa Orlando to test several athletes’ VO2 Max before taking Flow and after taking Flow for a month. 

Athletes did not change their training or daily routines between tests 1 and 2. And the results proved that Flow truly helps you breathe better and go harder!

Here are the details: 

Athlete 1
Athlete 1 is a male in his early 30s who lifts weights and does CrossFit. He saw an incredible 20.67% increase in VO2 Max and a 25.32% increase in capacity.

VO2 Max +20.67%
(Baseline: 41.6; Restest: 50.2)

Work Capacity +25.32%
(Baseline: 11:14; Restest: 14:00)

Athlete 2
Athlete 2 is a male in his 30s who is an endurance athlete and also does Orange Theory. Just days before his retest, he received the COVID-19 vaccine and was battling a negative reaction. Therefore, he saw a decrease in VO2 Max. However, his capacity increased 9.85%

VO2 Max -10.02%
(Baseline: 42.9; Restest: 42.2)

Work Capacity +9.85%
(Baseline: 11:50; Restest: 13:00)

Athlete 3
Athlete 3 is a female in her 30s who is predominantly a weightlifter. With Flow, VO2 Max increased 7.96% and capacity, a whopping 30%!*

VO2 Max +7.96%
(Baseline: 36.4; Restest: 39.3)

Work Capacity +30%
(Baseline: 6:40; Restest: 8:40)

Athlete 4
Athlete 4, a female in her mid-40s, does three strength training and two aerobic workouts per week. During the retest, she was sick with a cough. Her initial test was in the “superior” category and, despite being sick, she was able to achieve that ranking on the retest. Her VO2 Max decreased slightly, but capacity went up 4.68%.*

VO2 Max -3.34%
(Baseline: 44.8; Restest: 43.3)

Work Capacity +4.68%
(Baseline: 10:40 ; Restest: 11:10)

Athlete 5
Athlete 5, a male in mid-60s, is a six-time CrossFit Games Masters and lifelong endurance athlete. Taking Flow increased his VO2 Max by 16.10%, which took him from the “excellent” category to “superior.” Additionally, capacity increased 14.92%*

VO2 Max +16.10%
(Baseline: 38.5; Restest: 44.7)

Work Capacity +14.92%
(Baseline: 11:10; Restest: 12:50)

Athlete 6
Our last athlete, Athlete 6, is a female CrossFit Games athlete in her late 20s. Although she came into the trial with a “superior” VO2 Max rating, Flow allowed her to increase it another 2.59%. Capacity also increased 4%. In such a high-level athlete, even 1% can mean the difference between coming in first and second!

VO2 Max +2.59%
(Baseline: 46.2; Restest: 47.4)

Work Capacity +4%
(Baseline: 12:30; Restest: 13:00)

In summary, ALL athletes increased work capacity! Two of six saw a slight decrease in VO2 Max, however, both of these athletes were sick at the time of retest. But, in the interest of transparency, we are showing all results. Life happens! 

Flow is truly “capacity in a bottle.”

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