Are You Ready for the CrossFit Open

Are You Ready for the CrossFit Open

You've trained HARD...

Olympic Lifting 

You're as ready as you can be for the CrossFit Open...or are you? 

Flow, by Cerus Performance, gives you an edge against the competition, whether you have your sights set on The Games, you want to be the best in your local gym or you just want to prove yourself to yourself. 

This all-natural, liquid, stimulant-free pre-workout has been proven in third party testing to increase VO2 Max and work capacity. 

What does that mean? 

Better breathing
The ability to work at higher heart rates
Faster recovery between efforts

Some athletes have called it a "third lung!" 

Flow contains proven ingredients like beet root, ashwagandha, rhodiola and cayenne. And our "secret ingredient" is arjuna, a tree bark that supports heart health and lung function. You won't find arjuna in any other pre-workout! 

Best of luck in the Open and we hope you find your FLOW! 

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