Work Ethic

Work Ethic

Having talent but lacking a strong mentality can hinder the chances of being successful.

What’s one thing that can be the difference between being a good athlete and a great one? Work ethic! 

Not an elite athlete? No problem…if you’ve got goals (who doesn’t?), it’s your work ethic that will get you there. 

Work ethic looks like consistency, persistence, focus, and overall dedication.  

Some people are born with a strong work ethic, but what’s fortunate for those who aren’t is that work ethic can be developed and improved over time. It goes back to the ‘ol habits and discipline! 

  1. Define your goal. 
  2. Determine what HABITS will contribute to achieving the goal 
  3. Create DISCIPLINE so that you practice these habits daily

BOOM! Work ethic.

Because so many of you reading this are athletes, don’t get it twisted - work ethic doesn’t mean over-training. Work ethic also encompasses work outside the gym - getting sleep, doing mobility, practicing your mental game, etc. 

The takeaway: work ethic can be learned. And it separates the good from the great! 

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