Women and Creatine

Women and Creatine

Creatine supplements have been around for decades, but in the past were used by mainly male bodybuilders and gym rats. Fast forward to today and creatine monohydrate is having a moment. More and more people, including women, are realizing the benefits of supplementation of creatine. 

Women’s hesitation in taking creatine in the past may be centered around its many myths, but note: 

  • Creatine does not make you “bulky” (it can cause our muscles to draw in minor amounts of intracellular water, but creatine supplementation - combined with resistance training - leads to more lean body mass and lower fat mass.)
  • Creatine is not a weight gain supplement (it helps you build more muscle, which in turn allows your body to burn more fat at rest). 
  • Creatine does not cause kidney damage in healthy people (but if you have kidney disease, talk to your doctor before taking). 
  • Creatine isn’t just for men! 

Creatine is a naturally-occurring compound produced by the body that helps to increase muscle mass and strength and it’s a natural energy source. Your body makes this compound from the amino acids in foods and it’s found in red meat, fish, poultry, and other protein sources. Recent studies show that, despite consuming animal protein, as much as 69% of the population is deficient in creatine, making supplementation necessary. If you are vegetarian or vegan, creatine is a must (and it’s vegan-friendly). 

Creatine supplements have been shown to provide many health benefits for people of all ages and recent studies have shown benefits that extend beyond muscle building. 

So, what are some of the benefits of creatine for women? 

Creatine can:

  • Improve memory and cognition
  • Increase energy 
  • Enhance recovery
  • Increase fat free mass
  • Increase muscle strength and power 
  • Support healthy bones

How should women take creatine? 

  • Daily at any time, 5 grams per day
  • Powered forms are absorbed faster than capsules


Creatine is a must-take supplement for everyone, including women. It’s safe and effective and can support muscle growth, cognition, recovery, energy and strength. 

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