Mindset of a CrossFit Games Athlete

Mindset of a CrossFit Games Athlete

Ever wonder what it looks like in the mind of an elite athlete? Today, we are sharing some insight into Jeff Evan’s habits and thought processes leading up to and competing in the 2014 CrossFit Games. 

You’ll notice some techniques such as running scenarios, managing stress and confidence.  

Q. What were some mindset tricks you used in your training leading up to the Games? 

Jeff: No tricks really just more focused on blowing myself up to feel what it will feel like in a live event. It’s hard going 100% when you’re training alone most of the time so I figured if I could push myself without focusing so much on pacing it would benefit me much more. 

Q. How did you manage stress at the Games, especially when up against an event you weren't 100% confident in? 

Jeff: I’ve never been big on stress. I see things for what they are and try to position myself so I don’t lose too many points. CrossFit is all about event placements so using that mindset, I could push and pull back when I knew what I could do vs. the field. 

Q: How did it feel and affect your future performances when you got 2nd place in an event? 

Jeff: Felt amazing! Strength events are my thing, so I knew I was going to be in the running for a top placement. At that time in my career, I didn’t let it get to me because I had so many other weaknesses that overshadowed my strengths. Mentally I’m always ready to throw down and blackout 😂.  

Q: Now that you aren't a competitive athlete, are there any mental exercises or mindset techniques you still use on a daily basis that apply to "real life?" 

Jeff: Yep! 1. Attack the day. 2. Execution is key to achieving your goal. 

Do you have a personal mantra? 
“Self-love is self-discipline.” If you truly love yourself you’ll execute on the small things to achieve whatever it is you want in life. 

Being involved with Jeff in a business, I have seen him transition from an athlete to a business owner (he's the Founder of Cerus Performance). Although athletics is no longer his main focus, I've witnessed him use this same confidence and mental toughness to navigate his current life. A goal is a goal and techniques developed in sport apply to other facets of being. 

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