Lead With Purpose

Lead With Purpose

Have you ever met someone who has all the material things they could hope for, but doesn’t seem happy? Or someone who has achieved many accolades or a degree of fame, yet is miserable? 

Chasing money, status, or the top spot in your sport doesn’t necessarily equal a deep sense of fulfillment. You can have “success” without significance — purpose, service, and meaningful relationships. But is that really success at all? 

It’s great to have goals and want to succeed. But, is your job or sport dominating meaningful parts of your life? Is there a lack of balance? 

Questions to ask yourself are: in my quest to become better each day, am I still cultivating meaningful relationships? Am I serving others? Am I positively impacting the world around me? 

So many successful people, late in life, look back in regret. Don’t wait to chase purpose. 

Figure out why you are here. Embrace your true self. And live your purpose. 

You will most likely find that success follows. 

Most of us go to our graves with our music still inside us, unplayed. 
     —Oliver Wendell Holmes

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