Got Resolutions?

Got Resolutions?

I am sure many of you have made a few resolutions for 2024. Many of you will start strong but, unfortunately, will fall short. 

What is the difference between those who give up and those who achieve? It could be a concept called “implementation intentions.” 

This requires outlining your why, when, where, and how you plan to reach a desired outcome. It’s not enough to simply state your goal. Really dig into the details. 

Another key is not to set too many goals. While research has shown that implementation intentions significantly improve the likelihood of reaching goals, if too many goals are set, that hinders achievement. 

It makes sense - the less you have to do, the more you can focus. It’s hard to give 100% of yourself to too many things. 

So, pick one or two goals.

Define your why.

Set a deadline.

Map out the process. 

Wishing you the best year ever!

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