Barbell Repeatability Workout

Barbell Repeatability Workout

Barbell repeatability is being able to quickly and correctly cycle a barbell multiple times. It’s a must-have skill in CrossFit and something that needs to be practiced frequently. 

To be most efficient, athletes must understand and be able to execute proper positions for the snatch, clean and jerk. 

Barbell repeatability isn’t barbell cycling, most commonly referred to as “touch and go.” There is definitely a place for that technique, but in barbell cycling, the athlete performs fast, precise single repetitions. There is an emphasis on a quick and proper set-up, correct bar path and solid receiving positions. 

So, how do you practice it? We like to program reps, executed at specific time domains. The goal isn’t to fatigue, but to sharpen skills and it shouldn’t interfere with your normal training routine. 

Below is a sample workout to give you a good idea of what it should look like: 

Every :30 for 3:00 Power clean & jerk @ 60/65% (6 reps total)
Suggested weights: RX 185/125; Intermediate 135/95; Master55+ 115/75

Rest 3 to 4 minutes

Every :20 for 3:00 Power clean & jerk @ 50/55% (9 reps total)
Suggested weights: RX 155/105; Intermediate 115/75; Master55+ 105/65

Rest 3 to 4 minutes

Every :10 for 3:00 Power clean & jerk @ 40/45% (18 reps total)
Suggested weights RX 135/95; Intermediate 105/70; Master55+ 95/55

Note that in the example above, the goal would be to go directly from the catch in the clean directly to the jerk. Athletes should pause briefly in the receiving position of the jerk in order to build up that position. 

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