A Powerful Combo

A Powerful Combo

Many of you have felt the benefits of Flow/Flow Pro in your training sessions - the ability to control breathing, push faster paces and enjoy a longer time to exhaustion. We’ve been experimenting stacking Flow with Focus and it feels pretty incredible.

First, what is Focus?

Focus is our all-natural nootropic blend that contains lion’s mane mushroom, bacopa, pine bark and a small amount of caffeine from green coffee bean. It helps to nix brain fog and enhance alertness, sharpness and clarity. It’s the one product we have where people say they “feel” it on the first dose.

Now, we’ve mainly been using during the work day. Rob takes it before podcasts and programming and Wendy takes it whenever she is feeling the afternoon slump hitting.

But, when we’ve paired Focus with Flow for our workouts, it made all of us feel more in tune with our bodies. We felt very present and in the movement, almost like a tunnel vision for the task at hand.

So, if you are looking for that mind-body connection in your performance, you may want to try the Flow + Focus combo! Flowcus, anyone?!

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