Strategic Thinking for Athetes

Strategic Thinking for Athetes

You probably understand that physical ability and training are just part of the recipe for athletic success. Strategic thinking also plays a vital role and allows you to stay ahead. 

You must take control of your thoughts. Otherwise: 

  • Worrying leads to anxiety. 
  • Obsessing leads to anger. 
  • Self-criticism leads to low confidence. 

Reflect and pay attention to your thoughts, but don’t let them overwhelm you. Be strategic in your thinking so that you can win the mental game. 

Effective reflection (i.e. strategic thinking) encompasses the following:  

  • Understand what caused a certain action.
  • Map out the steps that lead to unwanted consequences. 
  • Come up with an effective solution.
  • Opening your mind to new possibilities. 

This is profoundly effective for those who compete or have big goals. 

Strategic thinkers continually monitor and evaluate. 

  • They are always learning. 
  • They seek advice from others. 
  • They aren’t afraid to take risks.
  • They never forget their purpose. 

Strategic thinking is a muscle that you need to build. It gets better with repetition and practice. 

So, carve out time to think strategically, monitor your emotions and be calculated in your thoughts. 

Success doesn’t end inside the gym. 

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