Relax! It’s Reishi

Relax! It’s Reishi

Reishi mushroom, also referred to as Ganoderma lucidum, has been a key tonic herb in Asian herbalism for thousands of years. Reishi mushrooms were once so revered and prized that only emperors, members of the royal family, and the upper classes were permitted to consume them.

Reishi, which has been referred to historically as the "supreme defender," has a wide range of amazing benefits, with stress relief being its most well-known. 

Autonomic nervous system and reishi mushroom

The autonomic nervous system, which regulates essential processes like digestion, breathing, and heart rate, is largely unconscious. When the body is experiencing the symptoms of excessive stress and tiredness, the autonomic nervous system is dysregulated.

Excessive stress causes the sympathetic nervous system to become more active in the body at the expense of parasympathetic nervous system activity.

Deep belly breathing, yoga, meditation, and grounding are natural ways to encourage parasympathetic activity. And many herbs can also help, with reishi mushroom being among the most effective. Living a healthy life requires mastering the autonomic nervous system's balance.

Reishi mushrooms' potent ability to stimulate restorative parasympathetic activity is largely attributed to the high concentrations of polysaccharides they contain. Polysaccharides, which are simple sugars' long chains, are involved in a variety of metabolic processes throughout the body.

Reishi mushroom for fatigue

Because it aids in shifting the body to a higher level of parasympathetic activity, which is essential for the body to rest and recuperate, the reishi mushroom is beneficial in the management of chronic fatigue. Anxiety is a symptom that frequently co-occurs with adrenal fatigue because patients with chronic tiredness often have elevated degrees of sympathetic nervous system activity despite having very low energy levels.

Reishi mushroom, like chamomile, soothes the nerves and stimulates the body to deeply relax. The body's response to being subjected to extreme stress is for the person to slow down, which is why they experience chronic weariness. The best method to recover from chronic fatigue is by listening to what the body is telling you and slowly move into the low-energy state that's been created. Despite the fact that many people fight this and attempt to regain their energy through excessive stimulant use and possibly exercise overexertion, there isn't much that may be done when your energy levels are extremely low. The body will repair at the deepest cellular levels during this time, and the reishi mushroom's antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and metabolism-stabilizing properties promote this process.

Reishi mushroom for anxiety

Since the gut microbiome produces several of the neurotransmitters the body utilizes, restoring the gut's functionality and bringing the microbiome closer to a symbiotic condition are two effective ways to treat mood and anxiety disorders. As a natural antibacterial and antifungal, reishi mushrooms prevent the growth of harmful bacteria that produce toxins while having no effect on the growth of beneficial bacteria such as bifidobacteria and lactobacillus.

Over time, consuming reishi mushrooms can help the microbiome create a greater symbiosis with the host, increasing the generation of neurotransmitters in the right ratios needed for good human health, cognition and relaxation. 

What does research say?

One study looked at its effects on 132 people who had neurasthenia, a vague ailment characterized by pains, aches, headaches, dizziness, and irritability. After taking reishi supplements for eight weeks, the researchers observed a decrease in weariness and an improvement in well-being.

In another trial, 48 survivors of breast cancer who took reishi powder for four weeks reported less fatigue and an improvement in quality of life. Additionally, the participants in the study reported less anxiety and depression.

Final Word

As you have seen, reishi has incredible benefits for athletes as it influences the nervous system and promotes relaxation. Thankfully, REM by Cerus Performance contains reishi, which can offer you incredible benefits.


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