Redefining Success

Redefining Success

Sometimes, you walk away from a goal, reassess and redefine. 

Let’s be clear: redefining success doesn’t mean giving up. 

As you age, grow and change, success may look different. I’ll give you a personal example. Back in 2015, I just aged into the 40-44 division for the CrossFit Open. After competing at Regionals several times, my goal was to qualify for the Games. And that year I came very close. Then, in 2016, I lost my brother in a car accident and competing became unimportant. I no longer yeared to be at a competitive level, logging hours of training. For me, success looked like (and still looks like) having a thriving business, spending time with loved ones, self-awareness and working to be the best human I can be. 

I’ll give you some more thoughts to ponder…

Many times, we hang on to goals because we believe others expect them from us. We feel pressure. If you are truly burned out, if your heart isn’t into it, you may want to step back and see if that version of success is actually important to you. Redefine. 

Or maybe the thing we are defined by is no longer how we would like to be identified. Redefine. 

Lastly, success lies in what you can control. If barriers to your goal are out of your hands, it may be time to redefine. 

I wish you success!

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