Gratitude and Performance

Gratitude and Performance

You may have never really considered this, but gratitude can positively affect health and performance. 

It’s been published that, when people are grateful, they have fewer aches and pains and report being overall healthier. 

Some research has discovered that gratitude calms the nervous system and leads to decreased cortisol levels. 

There are many more studies out there, revealing that practicing gratitude leads to optimism that will, in turn, make you more resilient. 

If you don’t already practice gratitude, here are some ways to start: 

  • Start your day by journaling three things you are grateful for. It’s the perfect way to set the tone for your day, including your training session. 
  • Write and send a gratitude letter to someone who has played a positive role in your life. It will feel so good to send it and, imagine the joy it will bring someone else! 
  • Say “thank you” directly to someone who has impacted you. Be specific about their efforts. 
  • Reflect on the talents and gifts that you possess and are thankful for. 
  • Acknowledge your health and all the things you get to do because of it.

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